Weeping Spooners

(L-R) Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd, Kymba Cahill, Tim Watts, Shane Adamczak and Nathan Tetlaw

Weeping Spoon Productions is an international multi-award winning independent theatre company based in Perth, Western Australia. Co-founded by a group of professionally trained actors, Weeping Spoon Productions has become one of the most prolific theatre companies in Perth. They have produced several award-winning touring productions including GREED, Love Songs For Future Girl, A Complete History Of Zack Adams, Pollyanna, The Adventures Of Alvin Sputnik and most recently the Sell-out, critically acclaimed shows TRAMPOLINE and  BRUCE at The Blue Room Theatre as well as fringe-hits Vicious Circles.

“Weeping Spoon is an innovative young company that constantly challenges theatrical styles” -Post Newspapers

“Weeping Spoon Productions put on a fantastic show…it is not only intriguing, captivating and exciting but funny and thought-provoking… simply spectacular.” – Xpress Magazine

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