nathan headshot

Nathan graduated in 2004 from the WesternAustralianAcademy of Performing Arts (Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts).

He is an accomplished performer, writer and director. Performance credits including Greed (2006), The Trial (2004), and The Martyrdon of Peter Ohey (2004). In 2007 Nathan wrote and directed ‘Specks in the Black’, and wrote and performed in The Application (2008) and People Killing Flies (2005).

His latest project, ‘Form’ (co-written with Kenta McGrath of Little Boy Pictures), will be a feature film due for completion in late 2009.

Nathan won the Perth Fringe Festivals ‘Golden Duck’ award in 2000 for his performance as Neville Sledge in ‘Moral Guerrillas’ which he co-wrote with Nelli Noakes.


-2004 Graduate of the WestAustralianAcademy of Performing Arts – BA (Theatre Arts)

Performance credits: The Application (2008), Welcome to PipeMountain (2007), Deathbet (2007), Greed (2006), People Killing Flies (2006), The Trial (2004)

Writing credits: The Application (2008), Specks in the Black (2007), People Killing Flies (2006), Greed (2005)

Directing credits: Specks in the Black (2007)

Pro’s: Lots of scars, looks like a tough guy.

Cons: Like science and nerdy things.


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