Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd is a multi-award winning actor, puppeteer, comedian, improviser, musician, director and a founding member of Weeping Spoon Productions. As half of the comedy duo Luke & Wyatt he is a writer, actor, interviewer and presenter for Nickelodeon. Nixon-Lloyd received an ASTRA Award for Best Performance by a Presenter.

Wyatt is the better looking half of Luke & Wyatt. Besides working behind the mic on Nova he also has extensive experience as an actor, sketch writer, interviewer and presenter for Nickelodeon Australia. Wyatt has performed as part of Written It Down, an aussie web series that has made it onto Funny or Die.  Additionally, as an improviser, Wyatt has been performing with the Big Hoo-Haa since 2005 and has improvised with the majority of Australia’s established improvisation troupes, including Impro Australia, (NSW) Full Body Contact No Love Tennis, Impro Melbourne, (VIC) The Improv Conspiracy, Impro Chimps, Exploding Heads Impro, Impro Vice (TAS) and internationally with Uncalled For (Canada) and Theatre st Catherine Improv.

As a director, he has helmed a number of Weeping Spoon Productions including Deathtrap, 
Tomas Ford Vs the Audience, The Love Pirate, The Forlorn, Pollyanna, and Greed.


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