“★★★★★ This is the hit of the Fringe, the real Fringe, the fringe that takes no prisoners… it’s anarchy in the underground and if you want the ultimate fringe experience you better grab a ticket quick!” -Matt Byrne, The Sunday Mail



Written by Ben Kalman, Directed by Stéfan Cédilot

Starring: Patrick Rogers as Sid Vicious, Kathleen Aubert as Nancy Spungen, Shane Adamczak as Johnny Rotten, and Charles Mayer as Malcolm McLaren

sex. drugs. punk. rock. music. tuinal. heroin. alcohol. vitriol. hatred. disgust. self-loathing. anger. violence. murder. sid. nancy. johnny. malcolm. vicious. circles.

shane v pat

Winner of the 2012 Montreal Fringe festival’s Next Stage Award, Vicious Circles is a meta-euphoric and surrealist-psychedelic tale about icon of punk and bassist of the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious, and the tug of war for his life between his band mate, Johnny Rotten, his manager, Malcolm McLaren, and his girlfriend, ‘Nauseating’ Nancy Spungen, at New York’s Chelsea Hotel. 

“Fringe fare of the first order. ★★★★ – The Advertiser

“This is a take-no-prisoners Fringe show that leaves you knowing you’ve seen something great and got your money’s worth. Even if punk is not your cup of tea, this is pure entertainment. ★★★★1/2″ – Adelaide Theatre Guide

“I enjoyed every minute of this.” – Indaily

 “skilfully directed  …extraordinary performances …darkly entertaining …Not to be missed, Adelaide. ★★★★1/2″ – From The Turnstiles

“Sid, Nancy and Johnny are interpreted to a T” – The Charlebois Post

A sweaty, punk-rock co-production between Montreal’s Award-winning Stadium Tour and Western Australia’s Weeping Spoon Productions, the Company behind such award-winning productions as Greed, Zack Adams: Love Songs For Future Girl, The Adventures Of Alvin Sputnik and the recent critically acclaimed sell-out shows TRAMPOLINE and BRUCE.

Vicious Circles 20130508_260 sm Vicious Circles 20130508_252 VICIOUS CIRCLES - Kathleen Aubert as Nancy Spungen and Patrick Rogers as Sid Vicious (Photo by Louis Longpré) SM Vicious Circles 20130508_154bVicious Circles 20130508_106 Vicious Circles 20130508_277 VICIOUS CIRCLES - Shane Adamczak as Johnny Rottenand Patrick Rogers as Sid Vicious (Photo by Louis Longpré) SM VICIOUS CIRCLES - Patrick Rogers as Sid Vicious and Charles Mayer as Malcolm McLaren (Photo by Louis Longpré) SMVICIOUS CIRCLES - Patrick Rogers as Sid Vicious (Photo by Louis Longpré)  VICIOUS CIRCLES - Kathleen Aubert as Nancy Spungen (Photo by Louis Longpré)Photos by Louis Longpré


-WINNER 2014 Turnstile Theatre Award

-WINNER The Sunday Mail’s “5 Star Show Of The Week” Award – Adelaide Fringe 2014

-HIGH RECOMMENDATION – Best Theatre, Adelaide Fringe 2014

-RUNNER UP – The West Australia Arts Editor Award – Fringe World 2014

-NOMINATED The Artrage Theatre Award – Fringe World 2014

-Winner of the 2012 Montreal Fringe Festival’s Next Stage Award for”Best Local English Production“.

-Nominated for the 2012 Chapters Award for “Best English Text”.

-Nominated for the 2012 Théâtre Denise-Pelletier’s Fred Barry Award

“Patrick Rogers is just amazing as Vicious. Sure he’s ranting and raving but he also gives you glimpses of the lost boy hiding behind the swastika t-shirt. When he grabs the mic stand and does My Way, time stands still. Shane Adamczak is also something else as Rotten. He has the singer’s posture and stage moves down-pat – when he suddenly starts lip-syncing to No Feelings, it’s sheer genius.”  – The Montreal Gazette

And Johnny Rotten… wow. If there was ever a better, more sinister and scowling and sneering and contemptuous personification of punk-era Lydon, I would love to see it… because Shane Adamczak is perfect. Absolutely perfect” Festival Freak

“(Adamczak) is completely unrecognizable, skilfully recreating Johnny Rotten’s disturbing stare, theatrical turns of phrase and sudden, unpredictable mood swings.” – Bloody Underrated


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