From the most isolated city in the world, Perth, Western Australia, Weeping Spoon Productions (Deathtrap, Specks in The Black, A Night Of Pleasure…From Outer Space!) make their international fringe debut as they bring us their dark comedic creation GREED.


The year was 1987. Business was at an all time high, morals were at an all time low, and it was all about to come crashing down… Three days before his birthday, Hubert just wants to respected and have people remember his name, to do this he’s going to need a new pair of shoes. Tag Danson explores the limits of how far someone is willing to go to achieve success and thwart their rivals in the business world. Wendy tracks down a past lover after a life changing one-night stand. Manuel just wants to be a man. GREED is good. GREED is Right, and a tragic-comedy so consuming that you’ll want it all for yourself.

GREED is a co-devised and co-performed show by the clan at Weeping Spoon Productions. It takes the form of an innovative 60 minute theatre performance that explores aspects of insatiability and its ramifications through its simultaneously dark but comedy-orientated style.


The creators and cast include Perth entertainers Shane Adamczak (Zack Adams – Adelaide Fringe Festival/Melbourne International Comedy Festival), Kym Cahill (94.5 FM), Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd (Luke&Wyatt – Melbourne International Comedy Festival), Nathan Tetlaw (The Trial) and Tim Watts (Alvin Sputnik, It’s Dark Outside).

“Weeping Spoon is one of the most dynamic and innovative group currently producing theatre in Perth, young or otherwise; professional or independent”
-Luke Milton, ARTRAGE

 “…unsubtle, exuberant and infectious…skilful animated live theatre.”



Toronto Fringe 2008

Ottawa Fringe 2008

Montreal Fringe 2008

Hyde Park Hotel 2008

Artrage Bakery 2006