“Writing and producing a new solo musical comedy can always be difficult to pull off, when a performer lacks either good comedic content and material, or musical ability. Zack Adams has mastered both, creating a show that doesn’t miss a beat or opportunity to fully entertain audiences from start to finish …A must-see” – Curtains Up

“Zack Adams is funny, a little angry, and almost frenzied in his storytelling…You won’t just be watching a schmuck on stage with a guitar, you’ll be watching dance moves and hand gestures and tales of hilarious misery all packaged in a ginger Aussie in an 80s punk-inspired studded denim jacket.” Forget The Box

“Each of Adams’ numbers is a laugh-out-loud bit that reflects the extreme emotions and ridiculous situations we humans find ourselves in. Whether you are suffering from a freshly broken heart, unsure about your current crush, or eagerly searching for ‘the one’, Zack Adams has a song for you!” Montreal Theatre Hub

Zach (sic) turns two broken guitars and a broken heart turned into Fringe gold with his engaging storytelling, spot on comedic timing and musical meanderings…It’s Australian awkwardness turned into awesomeness. This one’s gonna sell out every show by the end of the run, so go see it now.” – (Full Review)

“Zack Adams is one of the most consistent and entertaining identities in Perth comedy and in Love Songs for Future Girl he has offered up certainly his most mature and heartfelt work. If Adamczak continues on this path for his character Zack the future certainly looks bright.” -Cool Perth Nights (Full Review)

“This show is funny. Dead funny. The crowd last night was hanging on Zack’s every word. There is something about Adamczak that is inherently funny—when he pokes fun at himself for having been a nerdy kid, no one seems surprised (he looks a bit like Gary Busey in The Buddy Holly Story). But he is also charming and charismatic. “ – The Marble, Victoria (BC)

“It was the funniest thing I have ever seen…It was the best fringe show I’ve seen you should definitely go see it…He is super funny…I laughed so much I thought I was gonna pee my pants…He was amazing!”CiTR, Vancouver

“Incredibly entertaining and proves he is truly a Fringe fest veteran, wherever he roams.”CJLO

“Laugh? I nearly Died…This is a consistently funny, professionally executed show from one of Perth’s most industrious comedians” -The West Australian

“More than just a dude wit h a guitar telling jokes” –

“Woody Allen meets Ziggy Stardust.” –Monday Mag (“Fringe Preview: Top 5 shows not to miss”) Victoria (BC)

“Musical comedy can be hit-and-miss, so it’s a gift when you see a performer who has both sides of the equation locked down.” – Time Off, Brisbane

“Filled with geeky charm his show is hilarious, sometimes raunchy, and often raunchily hilarious.” -CBC, Winnipeg


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