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If there is one thing a comedian knows, it’s how to wreck a relationship.

Comic legend Greg Fleet and director Tegan Mulvany team up to present a love story that is equal parts ‘irresistible first kiss’ and ‘unstoppable, hate-fuelled wrecking ball’. This tale is backed by a live soundtrack compiled of every great song ever written*.

Falling in love. Falling together. Falling apart.

We remember everything in a relationship – every smile, kiss and sweet betrayal. But why are my memories so different to yours?
Who is that handsome young man you’re with and why are you holding his hand as you listen to our favourite songs?

Let’s be honest. We all know the end of a relationship can be agony,  but what hurts more – losing your partner or losing your record collection? As someone once said,  “there are no happy endings,  just stories that haven’t finished yet”.

Fresh off the heels of a completely sold out debut season at WA’s The Blue Room and a critically acclaimed run at The Melbourne Fringe, Greg Fleet’s THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG make’s its SA debut at Tuxedo Cat as part of the 2015 Adelaide Fringe. Following his recent tv series Die On Your Feet and currently writing his autobiography, Greg Fleet, one of Australia’s best known and loved comedians, joins director Tegan Mulvany (The Big HOO-HAA!), performer/Producer Shane Adamczak (Zack Adams and last year’s ★★★★★ Fringe-hit Vicious Circles) and legendary Aussie musician Mick Moriarty (GUD, The Gadflys) on stage for this hilarious, bittersweet tale of love, loss, growing up, growing old and music.

“★★★★1/2 This is not a love song is equal parts funny, heart breaking, personal and universal.” – Rip It Up

“Anyone who has fallen in and out of love will relate to the universal truths played out in this performance…performances were genuine and engulfing ★★★★1/2” -Dirt & Candy

“A wonderfully fresh, honest and funny look at the disintegration of a relationship. ★★★★” – Adelaide Theatre Guide

“A perfect blend of humour, self-deprecation, guilt, wasted potential, love and loss, This Is Not A Love Song is one of the highlights of this year’s Fringe. It will both entertain and move you…as, in my opinion, any great piece of theatre should.” -Radio Adelaide

“Greg Fleet’s first theatre play is full of memories, tears, laughter and Good Music… Shane Adamczak is perfect …natural and believable, with comic-dramatic gold … His strong vocal skills work well with the clear sweetness of Tegan Mulvany’s voice as they sing duets. …Not a comedy, but not a kitchen sink drama, either, This is Not a Love Song feels suspiciously autobiographical and peculiarly intimate, providing insights into Greg Fleet’s life and loves, haunting with melodies arranged to tug at the heart strings. “Australian Stage

“Audacious, outstanding…marvellous…a run away hit ★★★★”The West Australian

“Fleet may be best known for his comedy work but here shows solid dramatic skills with loads of presence. It’s an excellent piece of bittersweet theatre”The Age


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Writer: Greg Fleet // Producers: Shane Adamczak, Tegan Mulvany // Director: Tegan Mulvany // Music: Michael de Grussa (Perth/Melbourne) Mick Moriarty (Adelaide) // Featuring: Shane Adamczak, Greg Fleet, Tegan Mulvany


★★★★★ The Advertiser (Adelaide Fringe 2015)

★★★★½ Rip It Up (Adelaide Fringe 2015)

★★★★½ Dirt And Candy (Adelaide Fringe 2015)

★★★★ Adelaide Theatre Guide (Adelaide Fringe 2015)

The Clothesline (Adelaide Fringe 2015)

Stage Whispers (Adelaide Fringe 2015)

Radio Adelaide (Adelaide Fringe 2015)

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