Two of Perth’s most famously unknown comedic powerhouses join forces this Fringe to bring you a madcap journey across the globe in the world premiere of VEHICLE.

★★★★ One-long madcap adventure that kept the audience not only entertained, but laughing, from beginning to the end.” – X-Press Magazine

“★★★★1/2 This show has a little bit of everything. A genuine potpourri of many of the best elements of a successful fringe show.” Fringefeed

Join Sam and Shane, two old theatre road dogs trapped in a small car on a regional tour of WA as they recap wild and hilarious tales of misadventure, success, failure and utter confusion from decades of touring around the world. Will they learn from their past mistakes or is history destined to repeat itself as they attempt to save the disastrous tour currently unfolding around them?

★★★★ The epitome of Fringe… a screamingly funny odyssey down country roads in a quixotic quest for one last shot at stardom. ” – Seesaw Mag

“★★★★ T heir chemistry is through the roof …an indie, off-beat comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously” – Fourth Wall Media

Featuring fringe-favourites Shane Adamczak and Sam Longley in a new comedy about perseverance, patience, survival and truck stop hotdogs.

“A playful and enjoyable showcase of two comic experts. …the perfect fringe show. It’s a chance for two artists to flex their creative muscles, it invites the audience in for an evening that will have them in stitches” – Magazine6000

Photo by Mitchell Richards

Written and Performed by Shane Adamczak and Sam Longley

Audio/Visuals by Shane Adamczak

“Chord of Death” by Robert Woods

Backing Vocals on “You Called Him Dad” by Esther Longhurst, Rhianna Hall and Tamara Creasey

Comical sleeping bag alternations by Chantal Adamczak



Rehearsal Room1, JAN 20-23