Welcome to the Adamczak/Cowcher Digital Concert series!


It’s a rough time to be a performing artist, especially if you work primarily in live theatre, BUT we here at Weeping Spoon always like to try make the best of a bad situation. Spooners Shane Adamczak and St John Cowcher, were, supposed to be on an Australia National theatre tour right now which was cancelled due to COVID19 amongst several other projects (including three weekly comedy shows at the club Shane manages). Instead, like many artists we are stuck inside. We decided to create a weekly online concert series where we would collaborate on songs via the internet and invite some of talented international friends to join the party.

Welcome to our digital concert series. Stay home. Rock out.

You can find the shows for FREE on the UP LATE LIVE YOUTUBE page. A new concert goes live every Saturday Night 8pm (AWST/Perth Time) and if you watch at the live launch you can live chat along with us and some of our awesome guest performers.


Currently featured as part of The Social Distancing Festival!

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