Our brand new fringe-baby VEHICLE made it’s debut during the first week of the Fringe World Festival 2023 and we were honestly overwhelmed with the positive response. Between amazing houses, audience response, critics reviews and even a weekly Fringe Award, it seems people have really taken to our new little comedy.

“★★★★ T heir chemistry is through the roof …an indie, off-beat comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously” – Fourth Wall Media

“A playful and enjoyable showcase of two comic experts. …the perfect fringe show. It’s a chance for two artists to flex their creative muscles, it invites the audience in for an evening that will have them in stitches” – Magazine6000

Huge thanks to everyone that took a chance on us this festival and came out to support the show, it means the world. To everyone outside of Perth, rest assured, the show will be back very soon at a Festival near you. The one’s got legs, long legs.

Massive thanks also to Robert Woods, Esther Longhurst, Tamara Creasy, Rhianna Hall, The Adamczak Family, The Longley Family, Ali Welburn, the amazing staff at State Theatre and The State Of Play team for taking a chance on us.

Keep supporting local, indie theatre.



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