Weeping Spoon 2015 Season Update – BRI AND WYATT SAVE THE WORLD

bri and wyatt save the world poster webready

We’re proud to announce the second of our big three shows for this Fringe World. Weeping Spoon’s own Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd (Nickelodeon, Funny Or Die) teams up with The Big HOO-HAA’s Bri Williams to bring you the improvised comedy adventure BRI AND WYATT SAVE THE WORLD!


There’s a lot of bad news out there today. Environmental disasters, an all time high unemployment rate, Red Foo. The world needs a hero. No, heroes. Two people who between them both, truly believe that they can save the world. Enter Brianna Williams and Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd: improvisers, life enthusiasts and would-be-heroes. They may not be able to save the world, but their hope is that the premiere of the improvised duo show “Bri and Wyatt Save the World” will bring a smile to the face and a laugh to the belly of the general Perth audience. Armed only with your ideas and their wits, in sixty minutes of improvised comedy, Bri and Wyatt are going to save the world.
With over 13 years of professional improv experience between them, Nixon-Lloyd (a Logie nominated & Astra Award winning Cleo Bachelor) and Williams are members of The Big HooHaa, Shakesprovisation, and have individually performed around the country and internationally with groups such as New York Musical Improv Fest (USA) Uncalled For (Canada) and Impro Melbourne (VIC)
“Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd has a grin like Luna Park and all the boofy enthusiasm of a labrador that’s drunk a bowl of red cordial.” – The West Australian

“Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd’s silliness is infectious, and his characters…a show highlight.”- http://www.watchoutfor.com.au

“an unpredictable mix of smut, cheese, and unadulterated wit” – The West Australian

“Everyone was instantly charmed by this amazing creature that magically appeared to steal our hearts. Bri Williams was the surprise of the festival, and the belle of the ball!”- Jill Bernard, HUGE Theatre (USA)
“Williams gave a pitch perfect performance…” -www.perththeatrereviews.blogpsot.com

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